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With all that knowledge and guidance imparted by Dr.Sandesh Mayekar sir , Dr.Ramesh shankar sir ,Dr.Hemant sachdev sir,Dr.Rekha chadha maam, dentistry was simplified and had a whole new meaning to it. The last 10 days were full of learning basics as well as modern techniques with a feather touch to it .


Dr Hashim Dumba

Clinical dentistry has always been something of a puzzle to most of us, freshly graduated out of college. Our experience at encode has been wonderful, we take back a lot of - knowledge, better understanding of materials and techniques and a lot more confidence. Thank you team Encode.

Dr Nishtha Gadkari

Learning under Dr Sandesh Mayekar and Dr Ramesh Shankar and all other faculties was the best experience ever. I was never scared to ask the most stupid doubts because they always made it a point to clear them till I understood everything perfectly….They are not only excellent clinicians but also wonderful human beings.

Dr. Shruti

Joining ENCODE was the best thing I have done in a very long time. The amount of knowledge I got in this 20 day module was much more extensive than what I’ve learnt in the 5 Years of BDS.

Dr. Aaliya

This is the best experience I had so far...... A new outlook into Dentistry. Each faculty was dedicated, friendly and enthusiastic in their own respective fields. They have given us a lot of confidence in our practices in the years to come. Thanks to the Encode Team 🙂

Dr Aishwarya Suresh

It has been a pleasure to learn under the guidance of Dr.Sandesh Mayekar sir, Dr.Ramesh shankar sir, Dr.Hemant sachdev sir ,Dr.Rekha chadha maam.The first module gave us an insight to basics of dentistry as well as modern techniques which gave us an alternative meaning to dentistry.The support staff too helped us to get comfortable.

Dr Arif Laheri

This has been an exciting journey for me so far. I am proud to be an Encodite. I have journeyed through a new phase and have had the support of the most amazing and experienced faculty who have helped shape our future career. Thank you.

Dr Mayura Dukle

ENCODE is a comprehensive course that has simplified Dentistry. It proves to be a profound link from Basics to Advanced techniques of Dentistry.I am thankful to all the Pioneers, faculty members and professors and my fellow dentists to make it a memorable experience and motivated to enhance an ethical and successful career in Dentistry.

Dr Rishita Gandhi

It was a lifetime experience. The conviction and patience of the faculty is truly commendable. They are truly committed in giving the best learning experience with every aspect of dentistry covered. The ethics and standards they follow in teaching and practice is really inspiring and gives new goals not just for dental practice but also for a way of life

Dr Siddharth Majumdar

Since I was in graduation college I was inclined towards focusing my career in cosmetics. As I became aware about Encode through Dr Sandesh Mayekar I decided immediately do this course.Every faculty member has enlightened my knowledge about the subject even further. Encode ..the course which touches the basics of dentistry in a modern way..

Dr Utkarsha Basakhetre

I was looking for a comprehensive course which includes all aspects of dentistry yet stands out for some different speciality...and there is a catch..it includes everything. I'm grateful to all who designed this course and are taking so much efforts to make dentistry the beautiful world for youngsters like us. Proud to be an encodite!

Dr. Priyanka Vishwas Dole.

To be very honest while my association with 'Encode' I discovered the differences between prevailing method or technique of treatment and what is taught in college. . The hands-on session helped us to get direct exposure and which indirectly enhance our skills.'I am proud to be an Encodite' .

Dr. Swati Sharma

Encode, the code for success has enlightened us with ethical practice, finance management and Learnt whole new ways, methods and techniques of treatment. I thank Dr.Ramesh ,Dr.Hemant , Dr.Sandesh ,Dr.Rekha ,Dr.Pritam for sharing their knowledge with us. I am proud to be an ENCODITE

Dr.Soniya Lotlikar

After completing the First module itself, there was a lot of refinement in the way I approached patients to the final treatments I gave. After the second module my clinical skills sharpened tremendously and my patients are happy and content. I have always grown to be Dentist dreamed of…

Dr. Monika

By Joining ENCODE I have stepped into a new world of Dentistry. This course covers much more than just the clinical aspects. The faculties have put their heart and soul to make us understand Dentistry and how to use these skills in our day to day Practice.

Dr. Sneha Paradkar

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