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Why should we come all the way to Smart Dental School to do the Comprehensive Dentistry Redefined Course?

The Smart Dental School is set up as a fully residential programme to ensure complete focus on learning and taking clinical skills to the next level. We have a charitable dental trust there where you will be working on live patients as well as extracted teeth so that you are confident enough to start your practice right away after completion of the course. The equipment, the technology, the materials available here is top of the world.

Will Dr Mayekar take the lecture sessions?

Yes, Of course, Dr Mayekar will be your main mentor for the course.

Will you provide accommodation for Basics made perfect module as you provide for the Comprehensive Dentistry Redefined module?

No, we do not provide accommodation for Basics made Perfect, but we can definitely help you with your accommodation.

Why should we do both the modules (Basic and Advanced)? What if we want to do only 1 module?

The Basic Made Perfect module is meant for fresh graduates or clinicians who need to work on/improve on their current clinical skills. We teach you the perfect techniques so that you can start your practice in the right manner. The Comprehensive Dentistry Redefined module is meant for clinicians to learn the intricacies of aesthetic/general dentistry from the master himself so that they can meet up with the patient demands and be updated on the latest trends and techniques practised globally. Its best to do both together as it is designed in a flow with first perfecting your dental skills in hands-on and later making you work on patients. If done together it’s easier to remember and focus on your skills.

Why is this course not conducted throughout India?

The course can be conducted anywhere in India but shifting patients across the country for your hands-on would be difficult and our course cannot be completed without the students working on ample number of patients so that they become meticulously skilful in dentistry.

How is this Aesthetic /General Dentistry course different from other courses?

Our programme aims on the following:

  • We give you information on the new technology as a whole
  • We then focus on a particular technology and give you in-depth knowledge and training on the same so that you enhance your knowledge on that particular topic and once we feel that you have understood then we move on to the next.
  • We teach you what your patient demands and what is your capacity to learn at that moment.
  • You are also taught the necessary soft skills required for converting your patients and make them permanently yours.
  • All advancements that you learn here will be value for money and we teach you how. We teach you with such precision that you will be able to implement on your patient right after the course.
  • We are also different from other courses as we do not show only our plus cases or how successful we are, we also show the process-the blue print to this success. We almost at every level teach the students what not to do, so that they don’t end up with bad results.

You should know that it is programmes like this that will have long term implications on the way our individual doctors are going to go out and give the best of treatments to their patients.

How many patients will we get to do and what kind of treatments?

Since we have a charitable trust in Port, we don’t have a problem providing patients but the patients that are required for the particular treatment that our course needs, will depend on the patient’s availability at that time.

Can Fresh Graduates who have no prior practical experience join for the course?

Yes, Of course they can. Dr Sandesh Mayekar has curated his courses in such a manner that he can bring all students at the same page and all can benefit from the course.

What benefits does a clinician who already has good clinical experience get out of this course?

Since BDS does not provide in depth clinical skill training, we as clinicians pick up tit bits from other senior clinicians or deceptive courses which may/may not provide the right education. ENCODE has always focused on providing an ethical and unbiased learning experience to our students since ages and we will keep on doing so. All the clinicians teaching here are masters in their own fields and they have outstanding knowledge in their fields. Aesthetic /General Dentistry by ENCODE makes you UNLEARN unethical or wrong techniques and RELEARN the art of perfect dentistry.

Do we get a certification after course completion?

Yes, you will get a certificate by ENCODE.

Why is the number of students in the Aesthetic /General Dentistry course limited to 10?

We make sure that we have eye to eye contact with each and every student and we understand whether each of you have understood or not and until you understand we don’t move further. For this in depth learning we cannot cater to a large mass of students as we cannot individually focus on each of you. This is ENCODE’s teaching.

Do we get a certificate if we do a workshop in lasers?

Yes, you will get a certificate if you do any course with ENCODE.

Why should we do a laser dentistry course with you if we can get the same for free if we buy a laser machine?

In manufacturer training programs, the company’s interests are clearly defined as a business interest rather than an honest and comprehensive tutoring with existing and potential customers. To learn the proper techniques, a dentist should approach proper academic environments whose primary goal is to be the profession’s source of information and education based on true science and clinical applications in a non-commercial, un-biased manner. This is especially true when it comes to properly understanding and effectively using light-based technologies particularly the Dental Lasers.

Will we get to do hands-on during the program?

Yes, you will be trained directly under Dr Sandesh Mayekar and Dr Ramesh Shankar for all your hands-on procedures.

What will we get out of doing this course?

  • This course will review the Do's and Don’ts of porcelain Veneers and Smile Design.
  • Treatment planning and case selection for Porcelain veneers will be reviewed.
  • Clinical cases will be shown to demonstrate these topics.
  • The most common problems with Porcelain Veneer cases and ways of avoiding these mistakes will be demonstrated.
  • A step-by-step preparation, temporization and cementation process will be covered in the program.
  • This course is designed to help dentists incorporate veneers into their everyday practice.

Do we get a certificate after the course?

Yes, you will get a certificate by ENCODE.

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