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we provide dental care to nearly a million patients every year. Listed below are some of the services can provide our patients.

When to Bleach? When to Bond? When to Veneer?

Tooth whitening can make your teeth sparkling white and beautiful!

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Porcelain Laminates and Smile Design

Mentors: Dr. Sandesh Mayekar Smile Design : Introduction to Smile Analysis Understanding Smiles Facial Aesthetics Dentofacial Aesthetics Various parameters of an Ideal Smile Designing Smiles Designing Smiles Interdisciplinary Approach – Orthoaesthetics, Perioaesthetics Porcelain Laminates : Indications Preparation – Step by step Ideal burrs to use Tissue Management Impression Making Provisional Restoration Material Selection/ Shade Selection […]

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Crown and Bridge Impression Making and Temporization

Mentors: Dr. Hemant Sachdev Basic concepts of crown preparation : Step by step for Metal Crown Metal with Ceramic Facing PFM Crowns Metal free ceramics – selection of material Advantages and Disadvantages of different types Indications and contraindications of different types Burs to be used Impression Material Material Selection Advantages and Disadvantages Impression Techniques One […]

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Laser in Dentistry

Mentors: Dr. Sana Farista Laser Fundamentals : Laser Physics Laser Tissue Interaction Laser Safety Basic Protocol / Parameters Soft Tissue Procedures : Step by step procedure Settings Video Posterior Composites Case Gallery Application in Oral medicine Application in Periodontics Application in Endodontics Application in Pedodontics Application in Prosthodontics Application in Oral surgery Application in Orthodontics […]

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Duration : 9 days Location : ENCODE Centre at Krishnapatnam Port (Closest airport is Chennai) Dates : 18 Mar – 26 Mar SYLLABUS: Basics Refreshed Porcelain Laminates – Live Patient Endodontics Revisited Access opening to Obturation with live Demo on patients Dental Photography Dental Photography- a Huge Demand Basics and Terminologies in Photography Composition, Aperture, […]

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Basics Made Perfect!

Duration : 9 days Location : ENCODE Centre at Mumbai Dates : Jan 20- Jan 28, 2018 LEARNING OBJECTIVES: Understand the concept of functional smile design Learn all aspects of clinical dentistry from the most experienced and successful clinicians in India. Aesthetics will be made perfect for you You will be able to work on […]

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