Duration :

9 days

Location :

ENCODE Centre at Krishnapatnam Port (Closest airport is Chennai)

Dates :

18 Mar – 26 Mar


Basics Refreshed

  • Porcelain Laminates – Live Patient

Endodontics Revisited

  • Access opening to Obturation with live Demo on patients

Dental Photography

  • Dental Photography- a Huge Demand
  • Basics and Terminologies in Photography
  • Composition, Aperture, Shutter Speed, Depth of Field in Photography
  • Types of Cameras
  • Extra Oral Dental Photography
  • Intra Oral Dental Photography

Crown prep on live patients and participants restoring on live patients

Occlusion, FMR, TMD

      Full Mouth Rehabilitation

    • Function, para function, dysfunction and occlusal calibration of the patient
    • Face bow concept and techniques
    • Semi adjustable articulators – practical use and adjustments
    • Step by step twin stage technique procedures explained with the help of recorded videos and clinical pictures
    • Provisional restorative phase – Its importance and adjustments for predictable final results
    • Maintenance and patient recall for Full Mouth Rehabilitation cases
    • Cases done in various clinical situations – implants, natural dentition, combination of natural teeth and fixed implant restoration, natural dentition and removable implant prosthesis.

      Occlusion, TMD causes & Management

    • Obstructive Sleep Apnea
    • Concept of Complete Dentistry
    • Perspectives on occlusion and everyday dentistry
    • Occlusal Disease
    • The Determinants of Occlusion
    • The Tempero Mandibular Joint
    • The Masticatory Musculature
    • Centric Relation
    • Determining Centric Relation
    • Load testing for verification of centric relation
    • Recording Centric Relation
    • Classification of Occlusions
    • Vertical Dimension
    • Functional Smile Design
    • Anterior Guidance and its relationship to Smile Design


    • Differential Diagnosis of Tempero Mandibular Disorders
    • Occluso-Muscle Disorders
    • Intracapsular Disorders of TMJ
    • Classification of Intracapsular Disorders
    • Imaging the TMJ
    • Bruxism


    • Requirements for Occlusal Stability
    • Solving Occlusal Problems through Programmed Treatment Planning
    • The Diagnostic Wax up
    • Occlusal Splints
    • Occlusal Equilibrium
    • Neuro muscular Dentistry-Bio electric Instrumentation
    • Solving Occlusal Wear Problems
    • Solving Deep Overbite Problems
    • Solving Anterior Overjet Problems
    • Solving Anterior Overbite Problems
    • Treating End to End Occlusions
    • Treating Splayed or Separated Anterior Teeth
    • Treating Cross-Bites
    • Treating Crowded, Interlocking, Irregular Anterior Teeth
    • Solving Severe Arch Mal-relationship Problems
    • Using Cephalometrics for Occlusal Analysis
    • Post-operative care of Occlusal Therapy Patients
    • Criteria for success of Occlusal Treatments and Future of Occlusal Restoration
    • Full Mouth Rehabilitation-Principles and Cases
Practice Management :

  • Correct Diagnosis and Effective Treatment
  • Understanding patients and getting patient adherence for your treatment plans
  • How to attract and retain patients?
  • Finance 101 for dentists
  • How to make the right investments
Panel Discussion :

  • Question and Answer Session
  • Certification

Practical Sessions with hands on extracted teeth,typhodonts and Live patients.

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